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The Making of ‘Does Ava Dream?’ is the story behind the creation of Grant Sheehan’s single-edition metal book, Does Ava Dream? which delves into how an artificially intelligent species could develop dreaming, with striking visualisations of what those dreams might look like.

Post the production of Sheehan’s unique metal book, he investigates – in this multi-faceted paper book – the ever-closing gap between science fiction and science fact, focusing on the contentious subject of Artificial Intelligence. Sheehan postulates that a near-future artificial general intelligence – artificial neural network or synthetic Blue Brain-equipped – might develop the ability to dream.

Sheehan has generated 34 multi-layered images, to illustrate how these dream fragments might look on output.

He discusses human dreaming and the idea, likelihood and implications of machine dreaming. His dream theorising ends with a futuristic in-depth interview with Avery, the world’s first conscious AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

As in the metal book, the images in The Making of ‘Does Ava Dream?’ are created using high-resolution pattern images, combined with artificial neural network photography plug-ins.



Avery’s insights, although imaginary, are a sentient forecast of what may lie ahead for we humans.

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